Gentle, intelligent, Yoga with Hannah in Felixstowe, Suffolk


Yoga for Parents

Gentle and relaxing Hatha Yoga class designed as time for you.

Level 2 Youth Project (Above Tesco), Felixstowe

Mondays - Fortnightly at 10-11am

£3 per session subsidised by Level 2 Charity. 

Yoga for All

Gentle Hatha Yoga finding peace, restoration & useful places for your body.

Conservative Club, Felixstowe

Friday Mornings 9.30-10.45

£5 per session

One to One

I offer personal classes, one to one or up to two people in my lounge.

These classes may be suitable if you have a particular focus you wish to work on or if you would simply feel more comfortable with greater attention. 

Oxley Lodge, 2 Foxgrove Gardens, Felixstowe

£18 per session




Hello, I'm Hannah.

My yoga journey has ebbed and flowed throughout my life but it was always a constant to return to. Yoga is key to my physical, mental and emotional sense of well-being. 

I am a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma teacher offering nurturing and intelligent yoga classes.

I specialise in the realms of eating disorders and I am honoured to be a facilitator of Eat Breathe Thrive yoga and education programmes. I also work with Wednesday's Child and support this charity which sows seeds to aid recovery success from eating disorders. 

My inspiration comes from all my teachers, my mentors, Elaine Fletcher, Pete Blackaby, Theo Wildcroft, Chelsea Roff, my wonderful family, friends and the stillness I find within my yoga practice. 

Yoga is for all. There is no need to be ultra flexible. There is no need to be super strong. Just be. You are enough as you are today in this moment and every moment. 

To impart knowledge and the joy of yoga is a gift. I am grateful to teach and to learn from my students. 


Yoga for All

Gentle Hatha Yoga finding peace, restoration & useful places for your body.

Conservative Club, Felixstowe

Monday Mornings 10 - 11.30 not live at the moment.

Friday Mornings 9.15- 10.15 currently online!

£5 suggested donation to Eat Breathe Thrive 

One to One

I offer personal 121 classes.

These classes may be suitable if you have a particular focus you wish to work on or if you would simply feel more comfortable with greater attention. 

Foxgrove Gardens, Felixstowe

£20 per session 1hr or a block of 4 sessions if related to eating disorders through at £60 direct to the charity.

Eat, Breathe, Thrive online!

Yoga for Eating Disorder Recovery- the research project is free £0!

I facilitate a 4 week courses for mind/body integration. This includes yoga, meditation and psycho-education with interactive activities. 

Wednesdays/ Thursdays 5pm-7pm UK time, other offerings available for participants in other time zones. 

6 week Eat Breathe Thrive

This 6 week course can enhance your perception of body image, functionality over form,  inner awareness, self regulation and compassion for yourself. Learn, build and experience these tools in a warm, safe online space where we come together as a community.


"When I first join your yoga class I was wondering if I would be able to manage. I am pleased to say I love it and is one of the highlights of my week to come. The class is amazing and I feel so much better already.”


"Not having done yoga for a number of years, I have discovered by attending Hannah’s class that it really is beneficial to my well being!
A slot of time dedicated to the mind and breathe, is very therapeutic and the body benefits from some great yoga positions, which for me, is 
great for the muscles which support all the wear and tear I have in my aged back!"

"Excellent instructor , great class for beginners no competition working at your own level and come away more relaxed and aches , pains improve."


"Yoga with Hannah is gentle, relaxing and energising! I always feel better for days afterwards and love how inclusive her sessions are."


“I’m really enjoying the yoga. I’m finding the breathing technique is fantastic and am using it quite often especially when i find myself feeling stressed! If you decide to do any evening classes i have a few friends who would be interested!”


"I have been lucky enough to receive both one to one yoga from Hannah and also be part of her group classes.  Whether you are the only person in the room or one of several, Hannah has an awareness of individual needs, and an ethos of yoga being inclusive for all ages and abilities.  I have found that despite the fast pace of life, the hour or so with Hannah on a weekly basis allows me to calm my racing mind and relieve my body of tension.  Afterwards, I feel that balance has been restored both physically and mentally. I have taken her mantras into my working life and on particularly challenging days, find my breath and focus, through a few simple techniques. 

Since attending Hannah's classes, my overall well-being has improved and I urge anyone to give it a try as the benefits are endless."


"I'm a newbie to Hannah's Friday morning Yoga classes and I am really enjoying them. With her gentle teaching style, Hannah makes the classes both relaxing and enjoyable, helping us to concentrate on proper breathing and how to achieve the exercises without pushing yourself over the limit. I leave the class feeling very chilled but also energised, so already feeling the benefits.


Hannah's class came highly recommended to me and I have not been disappointed. I in turn would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a brilliant Yoga experience."




Foxgrove Gardens,



IP11 7JX

Tel: 07793952102


Opening Hours:

Daily 9am - 9pm​​


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